The chemical industry, today is seen as one of the most important and strongest-growing sectors. Along with basic chemistry, specialized chemistry, and pharmaceuticals,  industrial sector, with and very high production volume into the world . All areas of the chemical process chain, from the laboratory through technical production, in the sectors of development, synthesis and analysis place extremely high demands on the design, function and durability of the involved air-handling-units.


  •  50-75 mm thick double-skin, rigid sheet, stone wool insulation
  •  Fully enclosed panels
  •  Fully demountable casing
  •  Multi-section blocks to reduce site assembly time
  • Durability and lasting quality


  • Energy efficiency
  • Operational and process safety
  • Free and complete access to all functional units and components through operating doors


  • Recover heat and cooling energy
  • Secure air filtration
  • Reduce particles
  • Control contamination and
  • Treat and transport air