Marine Oil & Gas

Marine Oil & Gas

AIRCHAL offers a complete range for all Marine, Oil & Gas ventilation needs.

The high specification Air Handling Unit and Fans ranges with all of the functional sections needed to meet any air handling or extracting requirement.
AIRCHAL Air Handling Unit offers flexibility of function, size and process while the CC Clean Concept is a compact unit based on a new design platform specifically for the needs of this industry. That means we control quality, performance & accomplishment of the entire unit to ensure fast installation and good service.


  •  50-75 mm thick double-skin, rigid sheet, stone wool insulation
  •  Fully enclosed panels
  •  Fully demountable casing
  •  Multi-section blocks to reduce site assembly time
  • Corrosion resistant components designed for the maritime environment.
  • Stainless steel casing available as a standard alternative.
  • Painted casing available as an option.
  • Taylor made marine functions.


  • Client-specific application in compliance with process requirements
  • High corrosion resistance


  • Cruise Ships
  • Ferries Ships
  • Cargo and Naval Ships
  • Products for Marine and Offshore