Frozen Food Industry

Frozen Food Industry


Frozen foods offer inherent advantages for today’s health and eco-conscious consumers. The freezing process essentially preserves nutrients and quality when food is frozen at its peak. It also reduces the growth of micro-organisms that cause spoilage and food-borne illness, and because you use only what you need when you need it, food lasts longer, creating less waste to be sent to landfill.

There is no higher priority for a food company than the safety of its products. AIRCHAL helps to committed the food industry to providing there customers and consumers with food they can trust to be safe, nutritious and taste great.


  •  50-75 mm thick double-skin, rigid sheet, stone wool insulation
  •  Fully enclosed panels
  •  Fully demountable casing
  •  Multi-section blocks to reduce site assembly time


  • Easy, quick and complete cleanability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Operational and process safety
  • Free and complete access to all functional units and components through operating doors
  • Durability and lasting quality



  • Frozen Bakery Products ,Desserts
  • Frozen Meat Substitutes
  • Frozen Noodles , Pizza
  • Frozen Processed Fish/Seafood
  • Frozen Processed Potatoes
  • Frozen Processed Red Meat ,Poultry
  • Frozen Processed Vegetables
  • Frozen Ready Meals ,Soup