Yeast Production

Yeast Production


The yeast is the oldest industry in the field of biotechnology. It is a high-tech industry, which has benefited from the many scientific advances. The products are the result of continuous research and development. Classical genetics technology is the adaptation of the tribes guaranteed to meet the needs of the European bakery market and also for those of the whole world. The culture processes, has been improved as a result of the use of the best knowledge of the biology and physiology of the cell. Perfect control of air quality and the production technology, along with air quality control guarantee upgraded the quality of their products.

When you hear the word “yeast”, what do you think of ?
However, through the selection of strains and development of propagation techniques, more specific applications of yeast are now being found in many different industries, including brewing, malting, farming (animal feeds), pharmaceuticals and dietetics.
The three types of yeast we will explore:

Baker’s Yeast
Nutritional Yeast
Brewer’s Yeast


  •  50-75 mm thick double-skin, rigid sheet, stone wool insulation
  •  Fully enclosed panels
  •  Fully demountable casing
  •  Multi-section blocks to reduce site assembly time


  • Client-specific application in compliance with process requirements
  • Easy, fast and complete cleanability
  • Precision of thermal air-handling with regard to temperature, humidity and airflow


  • Air Filters
  • Air Treatment Systems
  • Plate Heat Exchangers