Airchal produces top quality products , recognized by all since over 60 years.  Many machines sold under the label of York, Carrier and Flaktwoods were produced for and in the factory of Airchal. we place the emphasis on customized solutions of high quality. 

Facts & Figures

Airchal is specialized in supplying quality air handling units, condensing units, packaged solutions, roof tops, dehumidification, air extraction and fan coil units and is targeting the following B to B & end users for project tenders

Contractors & Developers

-Governmental projects
-Hospitals, schools, airports
-Office towers & Hotels
-Railways – underground

Engineering & Design office

– Industrials
– Food industry
– Factories
– Supermarkets & Food storage
– Warehouses
– Nuclear plants
– Oil & Gas
– Petrochemical Platforms

Entertainment & culture industry

– Sport facilities
– Covered ski slopes
– Football stadium
– Hockey stadium
– Concert halls
– Theatre lounges
– Museum
– Wine cellars

-Oil & Gas, RIGs


Today AIRCHAL has production facilities in Abu Dhabi and France and sales offices in the following countries.